Ciuman Terpanas Artis-artis Indonesia

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Vino Sebastian, a star of Realita, Cinta and Rock N’ Roll movie and also Radit dan Jani movie. Those movies directed by Upi. And photo above is picturing Vino Sebastian kiss Upi, is it true? Vino Sebastian ciuman dengan Upi Sutradara.

A Hot Kisses of Julia Perez, She is really sexy, hot! Ciuman Panas Julia Perez, Jupe.

After Tyas Mirasih's heart was broken by Rafi Ahmad and also Lembu 'Club Eighties' and she came out with the song 'Cinta Kau dan Dia - The Rock Indonesia'. Finally she thought Bams ‘Samsons’ is a boy that would love and appreciate her. But unlucky, she did wrong predict or she just played too much? Ciuman Panas Tyas Mirasih.

A hot tongue kiss by Ayudi Bing Slamet and her boyfriend. Ciuman Panas Ayudia Bing Slamet.

We've never seen two people more perfectly matched as Bunga Citra Lestari and Ashraf Sinclair. They really compliment each other well and we wish that they would make a song together.

Indah Kalalo made out with her hubby on the Club Night. There's nowhere better to make out than in front of tons of cameras. Riiight. We actually have nothing ugly to say.

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